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Ric Castagna ( )
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 09:25:14 -0400

And yet another option to cloud the issue:

You could look in your area for the availability of some "new technology"
such as cable modems and/or xDSL. Both of these alternatives offer
relatively high bandwidth, and especialy in the case of cable modems,
relatively low equipment costs, and (depending on the carrier) fairly good
network reliability.

Of course, if these offices are in different cities and not served by the
same cable company, this probably would be a difficult option to employ.

Just my 2 cents.



At 08:53 AM 4/9/98 -0400, you wrote:
>You could TRY frame relay to reduce costs, but if they are doing any
>sort of intense DB stuff, you should just have them bite the bullet and
>put in the T1s.
>In the long run, if they are not completely happy, no matter that they
>decided not to be happy because they didn't want to spend money, it will
>make YOU look bad in their eyes. Businesses just don't get it. :P
>You should be able to get a couple of racks and rack mountable equipment
>to make this an easier project. Demand your own little equipment room
>if possible. I can't imagine having SmartJacks, routers, DSU/CSUs all
>stuck together haphazardly. *shudder*. If you are going to pull that
>many Ts together, you may want to consider having them terminate in some
>common device and then running a short bit of fiber from the device to
>the server in order to assure maximum performance... (I'm not entirely
>sure about the common termination, but the I think the idea is solid...)
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>> Subject: Networking job
>> I have a question. I am looking for the best possible
>> solution to the
>> following. We have a bank that we do a couple of internet
>> connections for.
>> They want to connect all of their branches to a central
>> computer located at
>> the main office. There are 15 branch offices, so even with
>> TN's $212/month
>> PTP T1 it will still be a little expensive. However, more
>> than the monthly
>> fees I am concerned about the equipment. What equipment will
>> they need at
>> each end that could make this connection, and make it cost
>> effective. They
>> are also considering ISDN, but I don't think it will be fast
>> enough for
>> what they are proposing. Any help would be appreciated.
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