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>You are making some erroneous assumptions. RAID in any form does not
>replicate the server hardware and octopus is capable of such things as
>complete replication of an exchange server etc...

I know full well what RAID does, and I never implied that it replicated the
server hardware. It isn't the solution for everyone, but in the face of
several thousand dollars and a tight budget, many companies cannot afford
such lofty redundancy as COMPLETE REPLICATION. In that instance, a
standy-by server in round-robin DNS can provide adequate, though lesser,
protection than replication, but at a higher level of comfort than mere
tape backup.

>The VINCA solution is also excellent, and has it's place. You are missing
>the value these type of products offer over simply providing RAID.

I'm not missing it at all -- I'm just saying that *IN MY OPINION* they have
little price to usefulness value -- IOW, they are NOT cost effective
relative to the average number of times they will *save* you that much
revenue over the life of the product.

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