Re: BIND DNS What gives

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Tue, 07 Apr 1998 10:06:18 -0700

At 10:20 AM 4/7/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Hello List,
>I am a bit of a newbie with DNS but I have a primary and backup BIND 4.9.5.
>The problem I am getting is an awfull lot of LAME server and Malformed
>responses from other servers.

Is it a backup or a secondary? If it's a secondary, you should say
secondary, because it is different than a backup in that a secondary shares
the load of a primary whereas a backup is configured to take over if the
primary fails (secondaries usually are too, but not always). If you can
post a sample of those errors, we can give a specific respoonse. Sometimes
what looks lame and wrong is actually correct.

>I also get response from unexpected source and Dangling CNAME pointer. Is
>this normal ?
>I don't have any resolving problems.
>The other issue is with Mail servers on my network.
>I run NTMail 3.02M and I host 4 Full Mail domains and I always recieve
> IN MX points to CNAME ( Yet I have no
>CNAME setup to point to my domain. I am setup as a secondary mail server to
>their domains.

We get this as well, but we can see no bad effects anywhere, so we don't
pay attention. Keep in mind that BIND notifies you of things that went
right, and not just errors.