AOL conflicting with Imail

Victor A. ( (no email) )
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 10:25:14 -0400

I wonder if anybody else using Imail has seen this before:

As of a couple of weeks ago we've received numerous complains of people
telling us that their 'AOL' friends weren't able to send them e-mail, they
(the friends) got a bounced e-mail with the header "our.mail.server host

We've checked all our DNS settings and they all look ok, we've talked to
the support staff of Imail and they find nothing wrong, over the weekend
while going through the logs I found something particularly interesting;
whenever our mail server contacts AOL , AOL server seems to 'recognize it'
as one of the virtual domains(with no IP address) set up in Imail, on
Saturday I spent some time with the AOL people showing them this and
apparently they get that fixed by Sunday morning, but...guess what.... just
this morning I was going through the logs again and now whenever our mail
server contacts AOL, they sees 'us' as another of the virtual domains
(with no IP address) set up in Imail. What is going on here !!!

I'm open to all suggestions as to what to do....