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Use Disk Manager to re-assign the drive letters in NT.
Your message about the missing disk is because there is
a path to some program that loads at startup on drive E.
I've worked through some sticky problems using NT Disk
Manager. If you need help with it, let me know.
Ray Mosely
A+ Certified Computer Technician
Microsoft Certified Professional
ISCET Certified Electronics and Computer Technician
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From: Sigmund Freud <>
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Date: Saturday, April 04, 1998 2:47 AM
Subject: added new IDE

>Hello every1,
>I recently added a new IDE disk to my compaq deskpro 6000. I already
>a scsi harddisk, which was set on drive c (80h).
>Now, when I have added the new IDE disk, it suddenly puts the scsi disk
>drive d, which totally messes up my partitions.
>When I boot up NT (with a bootdisk, on the IDE disk I have another OS,
>which boots up normally), i get the following msg a couple of times:
>The device is not ready for use; its door may be open. Please check
>\Device\Harddisk1\Partition1 and make sure that a disk is inserted and
>that the drive door is closed.
>My partitions used to be:
>Removable disk D:
>G: (which is cdrom)
>But now suddenly, it is:
>C:\ (this holds the dir winnt)
>D:\ (the rest of the old c:\)
>Removable disk E:
>H: (cdrom)
>How can I make sure that the scsi disk remains disk C, so the
>wont be changed.
>*** If u have a difficult task, give it to a lazy person -
> they will find an easier way to do it ***
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