Re: USR Netservers and packet loss

Tim Pitman ( )
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 19:01:47 -0600

Have you tried downgrading to the livingston code? I just downgraded to
3.3.3 and am much happier with the download speed (i.e. less packet loss).
I currently have 3 netservers, 2 with 4.0.14 and 1 with 3.3.3. I am going
to do some more testing with 4.1.7 before downgrading the other 2. Anyone
heard if the Beta test is going for V.90 for these netservers yet.

As you have stated too, I am not very happy with the performance of the
netservers, as I have lost customers do to slow download speeds, because of
slow down problems with the USR netserver code, and there unwillingness it
seems or just plain slow reponse to the problem. I have had this problem
since December when I bought the 2 netserver pluses, and contacted tech
support back then.

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>>>Has anyone run into routing problems or packet loss problems with the
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>>This was posted not to long ago in another list: (there are 10 of them
>>is #1)
>WOW THANKS for letting me see that. If possible, could you direct me to
>those other lists that deal with that equipment? (
>The interesting thing is, we had modem pools plugged into portmasters and
>everything was great. I sold the modem pool to buy a netserver and all hell
>breaks out! Now I look and with the current rebate package, it is cheaper
>to buy a netserver than a modem pool!
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