Re: Avoiding DNS servers

Greg Stark ( )
30 Mar 1998 10:16:09 -0500

"Frank Canode" <> writes:

>> Does anyone know how to tell the DNS manager to avoid contacting certain
>> DNS servers..... I just keep getting these yellow marks in Event Viewer
>> telling me that the DNS manager couldn't connect to the dns server
>> , it's always the exact same DNS server.

> Same here. They are, and
> I sure would like to get rid of them too.

These are called "lame delegations" and you should report them to the
domain contact for that site. I assume the MS DNS server is also
reporting the domain it got the delegation for, if not you really
don't have enough information to report the problem. Ideally your DNS
server should only report them once, not repeatedly, but i'm not
terribly surprised if they didn't get that right.