Brad Albrecht ( (no email) )
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 12:51:44 -0800

Since the scripting all stays on the server, the issue of portability is not
an issue unless you can find a platform that supports ASP pages, but not the
default scripting language of VB script.

Unless you have a good reason not to use VBScript, I would stick with it.
Most of the examples you will find will be with VBScript.


P.S. You could always use other scripting languages, not just IIS4.

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From: Christian Schmit <>
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Date: Friday, March 27, 1998 10:36 AM
Subject: IIS4 & ASP & JAVA

>Which programming language is best for server side programmation
>under IIS4? For the moment we are using ASP with Visual Basic script
>for IIS4 server side applications.(mostly database applications)
>But now there is also the possibility to use other languages such as
>Java on the IIS4 server. Java claims to be portable to other systems.
>Is this true in real world conditions?
>What do I need to install on a IIS4 server in order to run server side
>Java applets or Javascript? JRE or JDK or something else?
>Pro & contra for using Java on the server side under IIS4 via ASP+Visual
>Basic script?
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