BIND & Backup DNS

WINNT ( (no email) )
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 14:32:50 +1000

Hello List,

I had a consultant setup BIND 4.9.5 as a primary on our network and we were
using our upstream ISP for our secondary without a problem.

We decided to setup a secondary on our site instead of using the U-ISP for
faster deligation reasons.
I ran the GUI install of BIND and went through the step by step and it
recognised that it was a secondary and knew the ip of the primary.
The problem is that I get no transfering of zones. We have 4 domains that we
host and if I DIG on my primary on any of these domains it is fine and it
lists the secondary there as well. BUT when I DIG on the secondary i get:
; <<>> DiG 2.2 <<>>
; (3 servers found)
;; res options: init recurs defnam dnsrch
;; got answer:
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: SERVFAIL, id: 10
;; flags: qr rd ra; Ques: 1, Ans: 0, Auth: 0, Addit: 0
;;, type = A, class = IN

;; ...truncated
;; Total query time: 31 msec
;; FROM: senna to SERVER:
;; WHEN: Fri Mar 27 14:34:01 1998
;; MSG SIZE sent: 28 rcvd: 28

I think that for some reason my secondary is not being updated from the
I have the line secondary domain.db
and the as well in the NAMED.BOOT .
What is left.......I found a program called xfer.exe and from the limited
documentation it seems to force a zone transfer but I cannot work out the
syntax as their is very little help on this program.

Please help URGENTLY

Malcolm Joosse
Technical Director
Hotline Support Pty. Ltd. " Our Service is your Support "