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Michael Whisenant ( )
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 12:48:48 -0600


First, please forget the "what is most popular". If it was popular to
jump over a bridge into the river, would you jump? Please evaluate the
needs of your company and make the decision based on the facts and not the
hype. For example, describe the geographic layout of your network. That
would have to deal with port density. Are you looking to deploy xDSL today
at a low cost? Are you looking to provide VOIP today at a low cost? If
you are not geographically disperse then VOIP may not help. If you are
geographically dense then xDSL is an excellent broadband option.

I have used Cisco, Livingston, Ascend, and US Robotics access
concentrators. I have standardized on US Robotics, based on our business
model. I am running xDSL (680K~3MB connections) from some POPs, using VOIP
to backhaul tech support calls, and soon to offer VOIP toll calls to my
customers. If your 145 lines are all in the same city, as I suspect the
case. I would get the USRobotics new HiPer bundle with HiPer Arc chassis.
You would need three of the bundles, and place all the cards into a single
chassis. The bundle will cost you 10,126.00 each. You will have Dual
Power, Backup Router Cards, and 142 ports if you use PRI and 144 ports if
you use T-1s. Easy SNMP management. With the spare chassis you can run
tons of xDSL ports for a cost of less than 450 per xDSL.

At 11:19 AM 3/24/98 -0600, you wrote:
>We are getting ready to go digital here, (never been done in this GTE
>territory). We are going to convert 145 lines to digital, On GTE's GTD-5
>I am now using PM2e30's with USR Sportsters and all is well. I am
>following the Livingston list and see many people having problems with
>their PM3's. I am sure the ones without problems are quiet.
>What is the more popular product, PM3, Ascend Max ?, USR Total Control
>w/Hyper Cards?
>What are the issues to be dealt with for "Emerald".
>Any suggestions on line padding with each vendor?
>Anyone using AAC Tigris?
>I am wondering if there is a list for USR & Ascend Products.
>All info on this subject is appreciated.
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