Re: WebTrends and IIS 4.0 logs

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 15:43:45 -0500

> From: Jeff Woods <>
> The questioner could do the same with WebTrends if they configured IIS's
> virtual servers to use the W3C format instead of the IIS format. W3C
> format DOES log the referrer and browser....

We're using IIS 4.0 with WebTrends Professional Suite 1.0a build 282
(1/5/98) and when we run our log analysis, it tracks all sorts of stuff,
including referrers and browser-types.
In IIS 4.0, we have our logs ("W3C Extended Log File Format") track
everything (including all of the extended stuff).

Josh Hillman

> >From: Matthew Stratton <>
> >>I am trying to use IIS 4.0 with WebTrends 4.1a.
> >>
> >>It works wonderfully, except for one small problem...the IIS 4.0
> >>does not record the referrer...this is very important for our business.
> >>
> >>Anyone have any ideas? I have tried using the different log file types
> >>4.0 offers, but none do the referrer.