Re: Am I goign to have a bad weekend?

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Make sure you turn on the BIOS feature of your SCSI Controller. If you do
not, it will not boot up. Also if your motherboard supports booting from SCSI
Directly, enable it.
To Install NT, you can goto your System BIOS and enable the Boot From CD-ROM
Feature and run the Installation that way. Usually the easiest way to set up

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>Dan Waldron wrote:
>> I have a NT 4 SP3 server running a Quantum Big Foot IDE HD which I'm
>> out on Sunday morning to replace with one of these lovely new Seagate Ultra
>> Wide SCSI drives hanging off an Adaptec 2940U2W PCI controller.
>> When I went to install the SCSI drive in an empty PC, NT's setup does not
>> support the controller, and a driver must be added during set up, or a STOP
>> Once I've installed the new disk, I'll be restoring a tape backup with
>> registry to go back online.
>> My question is how am I going to go rebooting after restoring my OLD NT
>> which *doesn't* have the driver installed? Do you think it will work if I:
>> 1. Install the 2940U2W driver in my current setup,
>> 2. Without rebooting, backup,
>> 3. Remove the IDE drive and install teh SCSI drive
>> 4. Restore the backup
>> 5. Reboot
>> I think this may very well work, but I'm not sure. As a sideline, this
>> like a bloody fast drive.
>Microsoft has some pretty good KB articles on this. Basically, you
>need to copy the drive to a specific filename on your boot drive.
>NT automatically will look for and load ONE driver, not including the
>ATAPI driver, which should be the driver for which the boot drive is
>on. It does this before actually fully bringing up the NT kernal,
>so as long as the SCSI controller support INT13 bootable drives, it
>will work.
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