Dialups Can't see Net

SysAdmin ( sysadmin@bitterroot.net )
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 17:53:11 -0700

Hi :

I am hoping someone might give us a clue regarding
a fairly urgent problem we are having.

We have been making an attempt to replace our current DNS,
Web, Mail, FTP server with a new NT Server 4.0 box and the
upgrade to FBLI DNS, now Portasoft DNS PRO 5.0.

The problem I am having is, our dialup customers can't see
any of the services. All the Win95 and NT boxes on
our network "on the premises" can both see and use all services
from what I can determine, but no dialup customers outside the
internal network can.

I am running a duel 200mhz Micron Server running NT Server 4.0 with
service pack 3. TCP/IP SERVICES and the TCP Protocals are installed
and running. All service software is installed and running as is
the DNS PRO 5.0.

I have really been banging my head on this one. We are getting a lot
of heat from people because spammers are using our smpt gateway to
relay 100's of thousands of pieces per day. We are being blocked by
some of the larger providers. I bring this up only because the new
box has new software from Imail which prevents relay and we are
desperate to get it online as soon as possible.

Anyway, all the DNS files look good and are the same as the other
server which is online. All is the same with the exception of the
computer name.

I can't for the life of me
figure what is wrong between the hub and the new NT box. It has got to
be somewhere in the network but I can't run it down.

Users can ping our router fine but they can't see any internet or
use any services. The old machine still runs fine w/NT 3.5.

I ran:

Everything checks out there.

Any advise anyone could give me would be most appreciated.

Best Regards,

Alex V. Brown
System Administrator
OnLine Systems Development, inc.
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Hamilton, Montana 59840
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