Re: Wireless Links

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 22:28:18 -0800

Ronnie D. Franklin wrote:
> I have searched the industry and have looked at the specs on 8-10 different
> units. I feel that the best bang for the buck is the Solectek units.

I've used the solectek quite a bit and actually had a 10mb to my
house for a week or so. Sure beats ISDN. I wasn't that impressed
with the throughput of the 10mb, though. We have a fairly mimimal
configuration (less than two miles to my house, less than 1/2 mile
to another site) and the most I ever saw on a wsttcp test about about
300k/sec. We've pushed the 2mb boxes to over 185k/sec easily.

> I have no operational usage to base it on, but I do have 4 of their 4mbs
> units that will be here within the next 10 days.
> They have 3 different units...
> 1. 2mbs - 900 mhz, point to point only, 3 mile range
> 2. 4mbs - 2.4 ghz, multipoint or point to point, 25 mile
> 3. 10 mbs - 2.4 ghz, point to point only, 25 mile

We are using the AB200 (2mb version of #2), AB203 (2mb 900mzh) and AB1000
(#3) without a problem.

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