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Mitchell B. Wagers ( (no email) )
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 15:35:50 -0800

Maybe you need to read the works perfectly. You also need
to buy what you need, and things don't cost extra when you do that.
ARCServe Enterprise comes with everything you need and more, cost is pretty
cheap when you have 100 or 200,000 dollars in data, what do you expect to pay?

At 10:56 AM 3/5/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Just a word of warning here. We use Arcserve and IMNSHO it sucks. You
>have to pay extra for things that should be included (like a backup
>agent for open files, and disaster recovery) Whenever you get a new
>version don't bother installing it because it won't work. Their first
>versions NEVER work, you will always have to download a 17MB patch file
>within a few days after the release if you actually want to *use* the
>product. I'm not talking about minor glitches that they missed, I'm
>talking about being unable to do backups onto multiple tapes, GFS not
>working/etc. Then you call their TS and find out they know less than
>you do about the product. Out of the 5 times in I have called
>Cheyenne's TS in the last 3 years, not once have I gotten a solution.
>The Amanda product mentioned in another message intrigues me, but I
>don't think it's going to do what I need.
>I'm looking for backup software that can do Disaster Recovery,
>Differential Backups, and Exchange Server Database backups at brick
>level. Any suggestions? What else do you guys use for backup software
>besides Arcserve?
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>> Use ARCServe for NT. Expect to spend 700 for the Enterprise product,
>> but don't you think keeping thousands of dollars of data is worth it?
>> :)
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>> From: Adrian Teasdale
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>> Hi
>> We're just setting up some NT machines for the first time.
>> Under Linux
>> we had a real nice nightly backup system and I have to look for
>> an NT
>> equivalent. What would people suggest and what kind of costs?
>> Thanks
>> Ade
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