MIME Types, IIS4, ... and a solution

Stephen Farquhar ( stephenf@ocean.com.au )
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 13:24:08 +1000

Hi All,

This started as a cry for help, but on an impulse I think I winged a solution.

I have dredged through as much as I can both in these archives and across
the 'Net for info on MIME Types and IIS4.0. There's not much around.

Here is the problem I had that others may relate to...

I am specifically trying to add the Shockwave Flash MIME Type to IIS4.0

I Choose the Properties of the "Whole Server" and select Mime Map.
All well and good. Lots of registered MIME Types.
I ADD a mime type of ".swf" with a description "application/x-shockwave-flash"
The type registers ok and appears in the list.
I shutdown and restart the whole physical server.
When we're all started up, the registered MIME type is still listed.
When I visit the Flash page we created on the server, none of the Flash
stuff works.
When Navigator is asked a "View ... Page Info" command, it identifies the
embedded Flash reference as an "octet-stream" application.

This is where I was calling for help. I can't find relevant info on either
the Macromedia Site or Microsoft.

BUT WAIT (Free set of Steak Knives coming up)

This particular machine has multiple virtual web servers and each virtual
site can have its own Mime Types.

I duplicated the ".swf" mime entry in the Mime settings for the particular
virtual server for the machine. Rebooted and Voila! she works.

The outcome of all of this is that global Mime Type settings ADDED to the
existing Global Mime Map may not affect child virtual sites.

I hope this ends up helping someone else.



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