Equipment for SALE

Steve Spesard ( )
Wed, 04 Mar 1998 09:36:43 -0700

I have the following equipment for sale. All equipment is in good
working order and was
in use until our latest upgrade.

1. Digital Alphaserver 1000 4/266
Uniprocessor Dec alpha 266 CPU
1 x 2GB SCSI internal
2 x 4GB SCSI Drives in external disk case w/cable
Dlink 10/100 PCI NIC
Currently running NT (not included)
Came with 3yr onsite warranty approx 1.5 yr left
Digitial model # DJ-SSWB3-AA

I am looking for best offer on this server.

2. 2 X Cisco 2501 routers IP only 1 AUI, 2 Serial $1,350 each

3. 2 X Cisco 2513 routers IP only 1AUI, 2 Serial, 1 Token Ring $1,450

4. 2 X Digital Link Solo Encore T1 DSU/CSU $450 each

5. 2 X ADC Kentrox Datasmart Intelligent DSU/CSU $450 each

No cable included with routers or CSUs
Terms would be cashiers check COD. Shipping and insurance paid by

Steve Spesard