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Michael Whisenant ( )
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 14:05:51 -0600

Very Important Item

First find out what type of software is being used by the provider of the
feed. Then make sure the software is compatible. If you will be running
under Windows NT then your options are DNEWS, MetaInfo News Channel,
Netscape Collabra, Microsoft Commercial Internet System. Each have
strengths and weaknesses. I have ran every one and personally (please no
flames) did not like DNEWS, less configuration, poor support, and was
basically a sucking feed rather than a true news server. It would also be
important to understand the volumne and how much news you want. A full
feed, the big 7, etc... Netscape has many advantages and disadvantages, it
is the closest to innd and has the best logging information of the four.
Netscape still does not understand support is not a 7-7 5 day a week job.
With recent layoffs, etc they may not be able to support you. NewsChannel
is nice, has many wonderful features, but limited ability to view the logs
to determine what is going on with the machine. Microsoft's is nice, uses
SQL which improves performance. The best performance machine around, but
it is still a new product and as such has a bit of growth to make it great.
Right now I would recommend NewsChannel if you are just starting our and
not that familiar with the NNTP protocol.

If you were running it on Solaris, then hands down Breeze from Cyclone is
the absolute best perfromance, supported option today!!!!!!!

At 02:17 PM 3/2/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>Currently we are using a service for news but my boss wants to take a news
>feed. Can anyone recommend news server software? Last time I went through
>this it looked like Dnews was the answer. Also can anyone fill me in on
>the horrors of taking a feed and what is involved? Any help will be
>greatly appreciated.
>Ray Carpenter
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