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Albert Churba ( )
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 07:00:59 -0500

I'm using a combination of products to get the job done.
1) APC Smart UPS with Power Chute software installed ver 5.0.
2) Media House Enterprise Monitor.
3) X10 receptacle modules and Telephone Responder.
The simple explanation:
When Enterprise Monitor finds a failed service/machine it can auto page. I
use the auto page function to call the telephone responder associated with
the X10 modules to turn the power off to a Smart UPS. The Smart UPS will
attempt to bring down the machine with the NT shutdown feature. If the
machine does not go down cleanly, the UPS will just power itself off.

I'm working on an .asp to do the same from a secure web page. With the .asp
I'm using AspPage to initiate the whole

The X10 pricing is $80 for the telephone responder and $20 per receptacle.
Since all of our equipment runs a UPS the telephone interface is the only
additional purchase. All of the other solutions are very costly.

Hope it helps...

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Anybody knows of something like a watchdog which automatically reboots a NT
Server when there is a BSOD?

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