READ-ONLY databases on Lotus Domino startup as a service
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 18:24:51 +0100

Hi to all,
Though the problem is little aside of the main discussion lines on the
list, I hope somebody will be able to help. We migrated Lotus Domino 4.5
from OS/2 Warp Server to Domino 4.6 on NT Server. We moved the mail
databases by simply ?pulling? them from one machine to the other through
NetBIOS. The problem I face now is following:
- after Domino starts automaticaly as a service at system reboot, it
recognizes the mail *.NSFs as READ-ONLY files, so it discards the messages
due to impossibility to write them.
- restarting Domino only, clears the problem.

It has probably something to do with EAs of database files, but I dont know
what. The OS on the migrated system is on FAT partition while the databases
are on NTFS.


Predrag Janjic
Networking Department
SIMT d.o.o. -Skopje