Looking for suggestions on moving server

Paul T Laudenslager ( (no email) )
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 15:02:41 -0500

I am going to be moving my first server to a providers site - server
colocation. I've been running this server through a dedicated dialup for
almost two years now.

I've been spoiled by having physical access to the server, but I'm concerned
about being able to manage it once it has been moved.

If not too much trouble, I was looking for helpful suggestions that I might
look out for during the move process.

I plan on configuring my NT4/IIS4 box as a BDC (I'll keep the PDC at home
and access via the Internet). I'm not sure exactly what protocols besides
TCP/IP I need installed to access the machine/domain remotely (ie. User
Manager, Event Viewer, mapping network drive, etc).

I plan on using PCAnywhere 7.5 for remote control.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. If there is a more
appropriate group to post these types of questions, please let me know.

Your friend in Virginia,
Paul L.