Re: Channellized T1

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 17:54:29 -0800

Daniel Wood wrote:
> >My telco is trying to sell me a channelized T-1 (B1?) to be split into some
> >dialup lines and 56k circuits for some remote pops to operate on. My only
> >experience is with standard T-1's and 56k 4wire. What kind of equipment do I
> >need to use to split out a channelized line, and what make/model would the
> >experienced recommend?
> You can use a Ascend Max, USR Total Control or a Cisco AS5200.
> They all take a channellized T1's in can used for dailup modems,
> 56k or a 112k ISDN.

And which of those can actually act as a mux/channel bank to
split certain DS0s out to another location circuit? None that
I know of.

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