Re[2]: software compression
Thu, 19 Feb 98 15:36:27 -0600

sorry, maybe I should have specified...I am running win nt 40 server
with dial-up through RAS services. Modems are 33.6 analog hayes
modems on standard phone lines. Hardware compression is no problem,
just software.

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Subject: Re: software compression
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Date: 2/19/98 3:12 PM

> From:
> I started a new ISP recently and have a question that may be a
> on the dumb side. When Win95 users set up to access the internet
> through my system they have to set software compression off in their

> modem properties. Why is this and would it speed things up if there

> was some way of enabling it?

Does your dialup access server have Van Jacobsen compression turned on? If
not, that might be causing the problem. All of our Windows 95 users have
the software compression enabled and have no problems. For what it's
worth, we're using Ascend Maxes. So long as the user's modem supports it
(virtually all non-generic ones do), hardware compression is enabled along
with error control.

Josh Hillman

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