RE: PPTP and VPN's ?

Matthew Stratton ( (no email) )
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 09:07:07 -0600

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I believe that our marketing people have put up VPN stuff on our website at

I have set up several VPN's for various clients, using either PPTP or L2F or
a combination of the two. Depends on the situation...LAN to LAN VPN I prefer
to use router to router L2F...and if you've got PPTP running through that
too, it's even better. For roaming users that want to dial into a POP and
then connect to the office LAN, it seems to have to be PPTP...if the user is
dialing into one of our POP's we have solutions that use L2F, but most of
our clients with roaming users are dialing into POP's that we partner with,
and I just don't have the access to their routers to configure L2F for a
couple clients.

Matt Stratton
AIS Network
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Subject: PPTP and VPN's ?


Can anyone point me to where I can read what VPN's are for ? What advantages
and pitfalls to look after ?

Has anyone provided such a service for customers already ? Any security
concerns ?

- Danny

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