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It is not possible (without causing a great deal of work) to not use SAM
when using NT. I have IMail server and RADIUS that needs a user list. And
my FTP service requires a user list, and the WebPage directories need
permissions set on them for each user, which can only be obtained from the
SAM. I don't see how you can run NT without a SAM? I realize there are
other "advanced" OSes but that is not an option in my case.

I guess my original letter would be more understandable, if I got into
detail. What I am doing is writing a function that first adds a user to the
domain, then adds them to certain groups on the domain, then creates a
directory for their web page, then sets permissions for that directory. I
have this procedure written and "working", it is just that setting
permissions sometimes does not work because the system doesn't think the
user exists "yet". It can take anywhere from 2 seconds to 2 minutes.
(Setting a 2 minute timer is ridiculous)

Seth Crimmins
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On Wed, 18 Feb 1998, Seth Crimmins wrote:

> As you all know, when you have an ISP, you have more than one database due
> to the numerous amounts of services. When a user is added to the User
> Domain, it really bothers me that sometimes it takes so long for other
> computers on the domain or other services to realize that this user
> I am trying to find a way to quickly run a group of functions throughout
> systems to update, create, etc. based on a user in the domain without it
> having to wait for recognition of that user.

My first comment would be using the NT SAM for this kind of stuff
really isn't a great choice.

You can force a sync of the domain controllers using something
like the server manager for domains. There could be an API
for this (to automate it), but I am not sure.

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