Re: MRTG Statistic Updater note

Vernon Brooks ( )
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 16:42:21 -0800

I will give it a shot in the beginning of next week, and I'll let you know.
Later.. and thanx for contributing to the industry.. It's people like
that... yada yada yada.

At 11:31 PM 2/12/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hey everyone -- just wanted to pass on a note about MRTG Statistic Updater,
>and ask if people have found it useful.
>First, the note: it appears that there were some significant updates in the
>Visual Basic support files with Visual Studio Service Pack 3, significant
>enough that if you have the support files from a prior service pack on your
>machine (like, for instance, if you have installed software written by
>else with VB prior to SP3), you'll be asked to reboot just after launching
>setup application in order to complete the installation. This SHOULD NOT
>PROBLEM AT ALL, but that being said, if anyone DOES experience a problem,
>appreciate it if they'd let me know so that I can just figure out the files
>that are impacted and solve the problem.
>Second, I see that a couple people have come by and downloaded MSU; is it
>working? I've only tested it on my two home NT machines... and I'd love to
>know if you're having a problem.
>Thanks a lot, and if you have any additions, bugs, or other quirks, please
>pass them on!
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