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Mike Topalovich ( Mike_Topalovich@TerraGlyph.com )
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We did a streaming audio site using Real Audio 5.0, and it's been very
good. We had a shaky start with the encoding, but it's been very stable
since then. We do internal live broadcasts of the Howard Stern show so
that we don't have to have 20 radios going at once, and it is relatively
simple to set up. Check it out if you want at
http://www.radiospirits.com .

Cost of entry is pretty steep. You're looking at around $6,000 for a
100 user license. The streams are not resource intensive at all, and
use minimal bandwidth.

Pricing is a real creative issue, and I have no idea how the accounting
department bill our service out.

Mike Topalovich
TGI Network Services

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We have received an inquiry from a local radio station to put a
live (or
approximately live) audio feed on their web site.

1. Is any one doing this and how do you price the service
transfer volume, etc.)
2. Is there off the shelf technology available to do this
and if so
who would you recommend?

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