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1) Yes, there are a lot of people doing it. Pricing has to be based on
capacity and distribution method.

2) Yes, there is "off the shelf" technology to do this. I would be glad to
submit a proposal to do this for you but I can point you in some
directions. This has traditionally been done using REALAUDIO servers.
Microsoft has licensed the REALAUDIO platform for use with their streaming
product, NETSHOW. You can get information on NETSHOW at . They have announced that they are
currently in BETA of version 3.0 and that is the platform I would suggest
you look at. 2.0 is available now and the tools are more than adequate to
do the job, 3.0 will just increase the flexibility and functionality of the
product. A lot of industry giants are jumping on this bandwagon.

There are two parts to a live feed such as you mention, an encoder and a
server. The signal is fed into the encoder which applies a CODEC
(compression/decompression) to the signal and turns the analog audio stream
into a digital audio stream. The encoder feeds the signal into the server
which then distributes to clients via the Internet.

The encoder can be a dedicated rack mount device at the radio station or a
dedicated PC with a sound card at the ISP's POP being fed from a radio
signal. There are a lot of options here... and a lot of bandwidth

I'd be glad to go into more detail with you if you want to email me

Richard Marshall

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We have received an inquiry from a local radio station to put a live (or
approximately live) audio feed on their web site.

1. Is any one doing this and how do you price the service (flat,
transfer volume, etc.)
2. Is there off the shelf technology available to do this and if so
who would you recommend?

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