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Gee Dale... I didn't realize you worked so cheap! Let me look here at my
TO-DO list..... Tell the boss (or your partners) that you need a raise.


Richard Marshall

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John Lange wrote:
> I have absolutely "NO" ability to write this and am begging some one to
> this for me....
> I need a web page that people can check to see if a username is being
> on our Emerald server. It "HAS" to run on NT and WebSite Pro 1.1h with
> perl or CF or something.
> All it has to do is check to see if a visitor name entered is already in
> use and return a friendly answer.

Create a form that has a text field called "name" and then
call a file with this in it (you'll need to add contents around it).

SELECT Login From SubAccounts Where Login='#Form.Name#' or

<h2>User #Form.Name#

<CFIF #CheckName.RecordCount# IS 0>
Not Available. Please Select Another


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