Navigation Problems

Stuart Feldman ( )
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 18:44:52 -0500

I'm sorry if this is off topic, but I am extremely frustrated. I have =
been getting complaints by a number of users that they can log in fine, =
can navigate our site and the sites which we host, get their email (one =
of our servers), but cannot navigate the Internet. If they disconnect =
and reconnect (sometimes takes several tries) they are then OK. I can't =
relate the problem to a single line or port as sometimes someone will =
use a port that a complaint just occurred on and it is OK. I have added =
a number of new lines recently and have had problems since doing this, =
however the problem didn't show up at first and does not affect =
everyone. I don't believe this is a DNS problem as they can navigate =
our sites without a problem. Also, I can always navigate the Internet =
from a networked connection.

Does this sound like a problem on the users side or a phone line =
problem? I suspect a Telco problem, but it is erratic. The only other =
possible cause may relate to the fact that my primary DNS server is also =
my email server, but then my secondary DNS is being supplied by my =
provider. I have been up and running for a year now without any =
problems, until recently. Can it be related to the volume of traffic or =
back to the new lines?

Has anyone ever heard of this type of problem? Any assistance would =
sure help a fellow provider.

Stuart Feldman
The Solar Stop Internet Connection
419-THE-STOP (843-7867)