Re: Max400x Disconnect Cause

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 17:17:27 -0500

> From: Bill Fisher <>
> >
> > From:
> > What is everyone with Max400x and RadiusNT/Emerald seeing for
> > disconnect reasons.
> > I changed the ascend attribute in the Emerald Admin to = the RFC
> What should I change to make my Emerald correctly report the
> disconnect? I have tried in the past to get this to work and not been
> able to trap this.

Where in Emerald? I know there's some tab somewhere that shows disconnect
cause, but I've never used it. I've found it more useful to run a simple
script in ISQL/w to display info. If you want to change the view in
Emerald, I think you have to change the name of something in the dictionary
in the db (RadAttributes table I think).

Here's the script that I normally use (fill in the username when you run it
to get stats on that username). I have the second line REMed out because
it only works if you're using 5.0Ai28, i13, and maybe earlier Incremental
releases. We're using p42, so the info isn't logged.

SELECT "Date/Time At End Of Call"=CallDate,
/* "User Download"=AscendXmitRate, */
"User Upload"=AscendDataRate,
"Seconds Online"=AcctSessionTime,
FROM Calls
WHERE CallDate >= '12/1/97'
AND AcctStatusType = 2
AND Username = ''

Josh Hillman