Re: Max400x Disconnect Cause

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 12:27:08 -0500

What is everyone with Max400x and RadiusNT/Emerald seeing for
disconnect reasons.
I changed the ascend attribute in the Emerald Admin to = the RFC
Basically, what is the majority cause seen and which ones can mean a
customer problem etc....
45 The peer sent a PPP Terminate Request.
What is that cause usually indicative of?
Also, I noticed that is a user is reset from within the max....i.e.
you telnet in and hand them up it shows up as a User Request, should't
there be an attribute for the terminal server hung them up or dropped

Ascend-Disconnect-Cause = 45: Normal disconnect initiated by the user's
software. Windows NT doesn't end a PPP call properly, so you'll always see
an 11 or 185 with someone using NT, representing a loss of carrier (11) or
loss of signal from user's end (185). An ADC of 31 is the same basic thing
as 45, but is for terminal server connections rather than PPP sessions. If
you see a failed login attempt with an ADC=47, it usually means the user
doesn't have TCP/IP installed.

There are 2 ways that I know of to kill someone's session from within the
Max. Only one of them displays the correct ADC. If you go to the Sessions
window and highlight who you want to disconnect and hit ^dh (hang up), the
session is terminated, but the ADC = 1, which doesn't exist. If you're in
the main console window (to the left) and hit ^de (terminal server mode),
when you get to the prompt type in:
sh us (short for show users)
Then type in
kill 12345678
where 12345678 is the sessionid that corresponds with a user's

Doing it this way will display an ADC = 151 (disconnect requested by the
local administrator)

There's a plain ASCII listing of all of the ADCs at:
(there are listings at Ascend's site, though the last time I checked
them, they were not up-to-date)
Progress codes are at:

Josh Hillman