Jose Carlos da Silva ( (no email) )
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 10:22:54 -0300

George G. Stossel,

On 3 Feb 98 at 9:17, you wrote:

> We are using the DNS that comes with NT. It works very well until
> you need to do zone transfers with a UNIX DNS.

There is an option for NT DNS, named 'BindSecondaries'. It can be set
in the registry (if you are booting from registry, which is default)
or in the boot file. Once it's enabled, NT DNS do zone transfer with
bind without any problems.

In registry, just go to:

\ CurrentControlSet
\ Services
\ Parameters

Create a dword key named 'BindSecondaries' and set its value to 1.

In the boot file, just add one line with the word 'BindSecondaries'.
You can even check the boot sample file that comes with NT DNS, and
you'll have a very good example of a boot file.


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