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If I had a nickel... :) Not your fault, but this is a discussion we go
through once a month or so. Maybe we should compose a FAQ for the list (Or
is there one already?).

At any rate, in answer to your question, there seems to be a rift among the
members of the list bordering on religious hysteria regarding the "right"
port of bind (DNS) to use for NT.

Here's my opinion: Microsoft's included DNS is fairly functional, but I
was forced to change a registry setting (Forget which now) to abandon the
GUI interface and use flat text files because my secondary is a linux bind
daemon and it's infinitely easier for me to understand. There are a few
freeware ports of unix bind floating around, one on There are also very pricey commercial products
that allow web administration and other cosmetic enhancements.
To be honest, due to the fact that they all perform reasonably well, the
performance/ability of the disparate daemons (to me) is not as big of an
issue as are the pricing and interface concerns.

At 09:35 PM 2/2/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Any suggestions for a Domain Name System for NT? What about the DNS
>that comes with NT? Any thoughts?
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