Problem With AppleMac and Ascend 1800/4000 ??

Paul Rensel ( )
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 20:24:43 +0200

Hi guys,

does somebody know if there's a problem with the Apple Mac and dialup =
to a Ascend Max 1800/4000 router with K56 modems ??
We've put a Ascend 1800 in use last week and some Apple users cannot =
connect to us anymore.
Apple over ISDN works fine but with analog modem it doesn't work.
Manually login seems to work but when it comes to the PPP negotiating =
things seems to stop.
2 Apple users that i know of have a Global Village modem, is there a =
problem somebody knows about ??
I seem to remember that there was a problem with some of the first USR =
K56 modems to a Max but i'm not sure what it was..
Help is appreciated !