Dwight G. Jones ( (no email) )
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 22:49:45 -0800

>Well Here in Canada, the Telco uses a multirelay system where the distance
>matters from the clients house to the Clients CO, NOT to our Office. The
>Telco will reroute the circuit via OC-48 to our CO and then the last strech
>via Fibre to our Central xDSL Box here at our office. This way, we can
>offer xDSL to longer lengths without creating "cell pockets".
>Ask the Telco, Not the Manufacturers on how they will deploy xDSL.

Thanks for the clarification, although I note that if you locate in the same
building as the CO, or the same block, that you can achieve a similar
(maximum) range just by buying a $25 leased line without the loading coils -
but still face the 2-3 mile max. limit.

So nothing new there, unless you are already ensconced some distance away.
And the basic issue is to "never play another man's game", and you are in
the lair of the Dragon when you venture into the CO of the telco's.