Re: 23 ISP Billing Software products

Chilton ( )
Tue, 27 Jan 98 16:48:53 -0600

>We are on a special list. :) Just kidding. I already sent a message
>to him. I guess this might be a hint as to how much effort went into
>the list, since we are one of (if not) the oldest billing package
>on the market.
No, this is my fault. In creating the list, I used a ton of different
resources, including the Emerald site. I didn't see the forest for the
trees, essentially. When I think Emerald, I think of the massive mailing
lists, instead of the product.

Again, I apologize to the very cool team in charge of Emerald, and that
link will be on the site later tonight.

-Chilton Webb

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