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T2? Does this have anything to do with Arnold Schwarzenneger? What the
devil is this T2? DS1 aka T1 is 1.544 Mbs. DS3 aka T3 is 45 Mbs. I was
unaware of a T2 in between...

At 06:25 AM 1/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>OK the answer to this question is a follows,
>ADSL at 99$ is like a dialup modem. When you need to connect, it will. So
>you set your ADSL TA/User ratio to about 5-10:1 and then you see your 99$
>goto $990 per channel. You get a T3 (45mb/s) and you guestimate how many
>times you can overload with ADSL. Because remember, you can easily handle
>4-6 Times overloading a T3 since not all People on ADSL will transmit
>information at the same time. Remember the golden rule, 10% of connection
>time is actual transmission, 90% is really IDLE.
>So to fill up a T3 with ADSL Ports offering at 1.5mb/s you can put in 180
>ADSL Ports at 990$ per port. Total Income = $ 178,200 / month, Total Expense
>= $50,000/month for T3, around $36,000 (Based on 200$/port) for ADSL Ports,
>Net Income = $92,200 Monthly.
>For a T2 connection, you can have up to 36 ADSL Ports at 990$ per port
>income. Gross Income = $35,640/month, Total expense = $12,000/month for T2,
>around $ 7200/month ADSL Ports, Net Profit = $16,440/month.
>Minimum should be a T2 connection to offer ADSL.
>Well I see that this can be very useful in producing extra revenue but the
>startup costs may be a bit high.
>Best start off point for ADSL would be a T2 (10mb/s) connection. Get about
>8 ADSL Ports and share it with your current service. 8 Ports can handle
>about 60 people on ADSL. WIth that in mind, you have 60 people at $99/month
>= $5950 of extra income to help with month charges.
>On Average, on a rack of modems, the average transfer rate is about
>500/bytes to 1K/sec... With ADSL that might go up to maybe 5k-10k/sec. if
>you really want to over load a T2, at 10k/sec average transfer rate, you can
>have 125 ADSL Ports on it. Potential Income = $123,750/month. It all
>depends on how you want to offer your services. You must learn how you
>optimize without overload.
>Hope this helps a lot of people trying to decide.
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>From: John David M. Miller <>
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>Date: January 26, 1998 1:26 AM
>Subject: Re: ADSL
>>My question regarding any of the much hyped, high
>>speed access types is: Where's the Bandwidth?
>>How can any ISP afford the backbone bandwidth
>>necessary to effectively support a significant number
>>of customers using it at prices like $99?
>>Even a T3 would rapidly become saturated. If the ISP is
>>responsible enough to give the customer what they advertise
>>1.5 = $99 then their backbone connection costs would
>>drive them into bankruptcy post haste.
>>I am basing this upon the methods that most of us use
>>for our backbone connections. If "enter bb provider of choice"
>>started offering us 45Mbs. connections at T1 prices
>>through xdsl or some other technology then OK go to it.
>>I don't see this happening.
>>Any thoughts? There is an ISP in CT doing the same at
>>the one you mention in NH. I must be missing something
>>in the economics of their businesses. :-)
>>The same holds true for Cable Companies among their
>>other issues.
>>John Miller
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>>From: Howard A. Brooks <>
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>>Date: Sunday, January 25, 1998 10:41 PM
>>Subject: Re: ADSL
>>>There's an ISP here in NH offering (with radio ads) ADSL
>>>service for $99.00 per month. 12000 feet at 1.5kbps and up
>>>to 6kbps on 24 gauge copper, I understand. Verrrry
>>>interesting... Subscriber interface isn't cheap either from
>>>what I read. Time brings pricing down though, right?
>>>Howard Brooks - President - IamNet, Inc. -
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>>>From: Gregory W. Bondy <gbondy@MAELSTROM.NET>
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>>>Date: Sunday, January 25, 1998 10:13 PM
>>>Subject: RE: ADSL
>>>>Heh. So will you. Doesn't mean you should be completely
>>>ignored. Well...
>>>>then again... ;)
>>>>We are testing ADSL here and it is very interesting. It's
>>>not quite "there"
>>>>yet, but any technology where you can approach ethernet
>>>speeds on a cheap
>>>>pair of copper over 5,000 feet is worth looking at.
>>>>At 06:54 PM 1/25/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>>>>ADSL will die.
>>>>>From: Marvin Anglin
>>>>>Sent: Sunday, January 25, 1998 6:39 PM
>>>>>Subject: ADSL
>>>>><<File: ATT00000.htm>>
>>>>>A lot of news is out about ADSL. How do other ISPs feel
>>>about ADSL? Are
>>>>>the small independent ISPs going to be able to play a part
>>>in ADSL? With
>>>>>ADSL and cable modems are the small ISPs going out of
>>>business and a
>>>>>monopoly will emerge?
>>>>>Comments welcomed....
>>>>>Marvin Anglin
>>>>>Atlanta On-Line InterNet, Inc.
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