Dwight G. Jones ( (no email) )
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 08:27:13 -0800

>Well, then, I guess you have not seen how the phone switches use the ADSL
>Technology to make it longer than 12,000 Feet. Here in Canada, they are
>testing it and you can have customers connect to ADSL that are 12,000 Feet
>from the Bell's CO. This offers a wider area than Cable Modems and less
>and problems since the technology is Digital, not like Cable Modem's Analog
>I could offer ADSL to customers that are 30 miles away or 5 miles away and
>still offer better speeds than Cable modems.

I've had an HDSL line for two years, from the Telco (BC Tel), and they use
repeaters to break that distance barrier.
How does your outfit do it?