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ADSL works great.  We are a smaller ISP and we offer ADSL to ourcustomers.  All that is required is access to the copper plantavailable from the teleco.  You simply need to see if your localtelco has tarriffs for copper pairs.  If so then either co-locatewith the teleco or move as close as possible to the teleco, as distanceis still limited to 18,000 feet.  I am using ADSL to offer T-1 orgreater services to small business.  Then I worked out a deal wherethe same pairs are used and split out the low frequency for POTS. They get phone and data for the same low rate.

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A lot of news is out about ADSL.==A0How do other ISPs feel about ADSL?=A0 Are the small independent ISPs goingto be able to play a part in ADSL?=A0 With ADSL and cable modems are thesmall ISPs going out of business and a monopoly will emerge?
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