Re: Backbone provider

Troy Cefaratti ( )
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 20:24:03 -0500

At 12:53 PM 1/23/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I don't think that's a good solution for us:
>We have 4 servers
>we like "total contol" over the servers (ie. direct local access)
>Co-location prices seem too high

You still might want to look into co-locating with a LOCAL ISP. This is
what I currently do. I pay less than i would to have ANY sort of
fractional line run to my location, and i get the benefit of having an
ethernet connection to their switch.

I currently have a 10x10' office with 4 servers in it. 24 hour access to
the building. It's a pretty sweat deal. :)

BTW: I'm co-located with a small local ISP, not one of the big backbone
providers. It's not multiple redundant T3's or anyhting, but their multiple
T1 connections is much faster than anything i could afford on my own.

Hope this helps,

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