Re: Netscape Survey

Jeff Woods ( )
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 17:25:55 -0500

At 04:06 PM 1/22/98 -0600, you wrote:

>Please reply to me, not the list, as we don't need any more bandwidth
>heaved at the expense of this survey. I'll post the results on the ISP
>Resource Page, furthering my Microsoft-like attempt at controlling the
>news ;)

I reply to the list because I think you left out a VERY important option:

>In response to the recent news that Netscape is now going to allow you to
>distribute Navigator for free, which of the following courses of action
>will you take?
>If you build your own client software kits in-house:
>1. Switch from IEAK to a Navigator based software product
>2. Switch from a Navigator based software product to IEAK

3. Switch from IEAK exclusively to offering my customers a CHOICE of
MSIE or Navigator.