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Jeff Woods ( )
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 08:29:03 -0500

I checked out your web page -- this product is, I'm sorry to say, somewhat
redundant if you have 3.1, NTMail 3.03B with JUCE, sendmail 8.5
or QMail installed. All your mailgate software does is accept inbound
mail -- the ISP changes the DNS MX records to point to mailgate, and IT
forwards non-spam to the "real" mail server, no? But what's to STOP the
outside world from using that "real" server in any case? You'd have to
filter it at the IP level.

You can already block spam relays (and with the right recipes or configs,
spam messages, too), with the above mail servers I mentioned.

Yes, your product will be a welcome addition to admins refusing to upgrade
from prior versions that can't block relays (such as 2.0, or
sendmail 8.3, or NTMail without JUCE, or Netscape's mail server), but for
the user who posted the question, he should just do it in the
3.0 config.

At 04:41 PM 1/20/98 +1000, you wrote:

>We've created an NT service which works as a spam filter for whatever
>mail server. Check out I need to
>update the site with a new version and a few things. Should be fixed in
>a few hours.
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>> What mail server are you using?
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>> Is there anyone out there tonight that I might could contact, we
>> are being
>> used as a relay agent for spam mail and I need some help to get
>> it to stop.
>> Anyone have experience at dealing with this I would be greatful
>> for the
>> help.