RE: Server Hardware Vendors

brian moore ( )
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 11:24:25 -0800 (PST)

We use NCA for most of that (Cisco, Livingston, Kentrox, Microcom, etc).
They're also a USWest reseller and know their stuff so you can ask them what
the REAL rates are on a PRI and not play USWest's weird games about a zillion
extra options on the line.

(Our NCA quote on a PRI was literally -half- what the USWest one was because
the USWest rep wouldn't removed DID from each B channel as well as insisting on
a pile of extra charges.)

Laura Louderback is our sales person and has been excellent. We generally call
them the 'One-Stop-ISP-Store'. The very few things they don't sell they've
willingly referred us to others.

They have locations in WA, OR, CA, TX, OH, and FL.

On 16-Jan-98 Chilton wrote:
> Hey gang,
> Does anyone know of good hardware vendors for ISPs, especially sites that
> specialize in ISP needs? I'd like to add a section for that to the ISP
> Resource Page, but thought I'd look for suggestions first.
> Also, there's a link to screenshots of Communicator 5 at the site now.