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bethe.davis ( (no email) )
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 11:15:28 -0500

Not defending, just curious... why not? I've been running a Pipeline 130 on
site for 18 months now, have used the same box for 64K, 128K ISDN, frame
relay, and point to point T1 over that period of time. The only time I've
ever ran into difficulty Ascend did a software upgrade for me over the wire
and that fixed it (the problem was trying to set the routing over frame
relay). I purchased this unit because it was so scaleable, and I have not
been disappointed.

Mike Davis
DCS Online
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Subject: RE: Compatible Systems Routers

>Ascend would not be your best decision.
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>Ascend Pipeline 130s are also a great choice. It even gives you one
>ISDN port. $1250-$1400.
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>>>Is anyone out there using "Compatible Systems Microrouter 1250i" for
>>>POP installations. It has a Built-in T1-FT1 CSU/DSU and one ethernet
>>> This would be ideal for a closet POP and only costs $1,399.00.
>>Have several and love them. VERY good product for the price. No Cisco,
>>but then, you PAY for Cisco.... They have great support, and are
>>currently beta testing a kernel that has both OSPF and BGP4 built in
>>(current releases do not).