New Resource for ISPs (criticism welcome)

Chilton ( )
Thu, 15 Jan 98 15:47:25 -0000

Here's the URL:

Two moons ago, there was a griping session on the I-NET Access list about
the lack of a decent method of getting info to ISPs. Most ISPs hate spam,
so that's not an option. But most of the news sites out there for ISPs
are only updated every few days, or weeks, and often don't even carry
anything of interest to small to mid sized ISPs.

I have decided to do something about it. The above url will take you to
the new ISP Resource page. It is a news page, which will be updated
daily, that contains news and links to news that will probably be of
interest to you. It will also act as a showcase for companies that have
products that ISPs might be interested in, and will inform you of updates
and statistics about the software and hardware that you run your business

So, if you're an ISP, go to the site, kick it around a little, take notes
on little stickie pads, and let me know what you like/don't like. I am
very open and will be very responsive to constructive criticism. If
there's a link I forgot, let me know, if there's a product or category I
forgot, let me know.

And if you sell something to ISPs, let me know when new versions,
updates, and new products are ready, and I'll post the announcements!

The site will be archived once per week, and will feature a search engine
once we get enough news to need to archive it ;)

And lastly, yes, I will be allowing advertising, but not until next week,
so email me if you're interested.

Thank you,