Re: Integrating Linux server with NT-based ISP

cyborg ( )
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 22:59:23 -0800


Well, I feel quite home on Linux machines, but I don't 100% understand
your question. If it is only a shell acount you would like to provide
that is one thing and is simple to do. Just like setting a user up as a
regular user with privileges to the resources as required. Once that is
done tell them to use telnet to access it.
If you want to do dial-up into your Linux box that is a bigger cookie,
but not impossible, but I am not sure it is worth the hastle to have a
separate dial-up server and user database on your Linux machine,
separate from your main Dial-Up database. Still that is for you to

If you were able to do what is needed or you have other questions I'd be
glad to give additional help.

..Endre Palfi

Robert W. Beggs wrote:
> NT'ers --
> I would like the capability of offering a Unix shell account to my
> customers, which means integrating a Unix server into my setup. I am most
> familiar with RedHat Linux. Has anyone done this, and be willing to give me
> some pointers? Your time would be appreciated...
> Thanks, Robb
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