Re: Loading NT on new server

Joseph Bridgewater ( )
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 15:59:46 +0600

That would be about he most stupid thing you could do while setting up a


Are you using NetBEUI? If you're not and you are using TCP/IP, import
(like from the floppy drive) a properly configured LMHOSTS file which
includes the IP of your PDC during the install.

If you are using NetBEUI and/or you are already importing an LMHOSTS file
and it still doesn't work, there is most likely a problem with either the
NIC, the cable, or some other networking component along those lines.


At 04:33 PM 1/10/98 -0500, Michael A. Davis Jr. wrote:


<excerpt><smaller>Disconnect if from the network until the install is




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<bold>Date: </bold>Saturday, January 10, 1998 1:06 PM

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<smaller>I am trying to load NT on a new server as a BDC and for some
reason it won't let me complete the installation because it can see the
PDC. I can load NT as a PDC but it gets errors messages with the other
Domain PDC. I don't see away to install NT as a BDC. Any help would be


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