Fw: Cannot Limit Calls Based on DNIS # and Multi POPs

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Sat, 10 Jan 1998 02:55:40 -0500

Can someone help me out with this?

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From: Rudy Komsic <rudyk@cyberglobe.net>
To: RadiusNT@iea-software.com <RadiusNT@iea-software.com>
Date: January 8, 1998 1:29 AM
Subject: Bug: Cannot Limit Calls Based on DNIS # and Multi POPs

>Just to give out our basic Layout on how we are currently using our new
>Chassis system to limit Theft of Service, we are configured with ISDN PRI
>Connections (47 Lines per chassis) and we have 3 Phone numbers for our
>clients to call in on. Line 1 is for up to 33.6k Only, Line 2 is for 33.6k
>and X2, and Line 3 is for 33.6k, X2, and ISDN. Our USR Total Control
>Chassis have a feature that allows us to setup DNIS Pre Initialization
>before pickup so that we can limit the speed for our clients.
>The Problem is how do I set the Radius Attribute NAS-Port-DNIS for a
>specific group login to the DNIS number the client is ONLY to dial. For
>Example I tried the following to see if it would limit login to the
>specified DNIS #:
>Framed-Protocol: PPP
>Session-Timeout: 28800
>Idle-Timeout: 1200
>NAS-Port-DNIS: 0001 (Line #1 for 33.6k only)
>Now, if I called on line #2, the NAS returns the Info to the RadiusNT
>software, is has NAS-Port-DNIS as 0002 but I discovered that RadiusNT has
>support to check to see if NAS-Port-DNIS is the one the client is allowed
>use. Can you please tell me how to do this feature? If this feature is
>available, could you please add this feature in ASAP so that we can
>with Multipurpose Chassis?
>Also, can you add support for Multiple DNIS numbers as well for MultiPOPs.
>Thank you for your prompt reply.
>PS: BTW, there may be a bug with USR's Total Control Modem Code 5.6.7 and
>Netserver Code 3.6.28 with RadiusNT. When we establish a connection via a
>Radius account, it works but when we try to login a user via the NT User
>Manager account, it fails. This currently works with the older code but
>newer code fails.
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