IEAK 4.01 an NT4

Christian Schmit ( )
Fri, 09 Jan 1998 09:20:01 +0100


I sucessfully build a customized IE4.01 version with IEAK4.01
using Internet server signup.

Under Win95 everything seems OK but when installing it
on NT4(SP3) it tells me during the installation that I must
disable file and printer sharing in order for setup to continue.

I let setup making this change and setup completes sucessfully and
IE4.01 is working OK. However when I restart my NT server then I
get the following error:

Event ID 7023
Type error
The Server service terminated with the following error:
A device attached to the system is not functioning.

I tried it on both NT server and NT workstation. Same result.

Trying to restart the server serice does not work.
What can be done here?